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One of the most frustrating situations is when you’ve got junk taking up
space on your property. When this happens, don’t lose your cool. Instead,
contact Method Demo and Hauling because we’re ready to help you!

What service do you need?

From Residential to Commercial, we do it all
What service do you need? From Residential to Commercial, we do it all



It’s not easy to haul away junk, and you’ll realize this quickly once you start considering everything that goes into this sort of work. There is a lot of heavy lifting involved, and plenty of trips in and out of the property as well. This is when you might start thinking, is there junk removal near me? Someone has to take that junk to an appropriate place for disposal. This requires a large enough vehicle, as well as someone who is willing to drive it. If you’re not cut out for all this work, then who is? As it so turns out, there is a local company that can help you out right here in Montgomery County, TX. When you need junk removal services you can rely on, contact Method Demo and Hauling, a small business near you!

When it comes to removing junk, we’ve just about seen it all. We’ve removed many different kinds of household items, such as books, clothes, toys, and gardening equipment. We’ve also hauled away items from businesses, such as warehouse machinery, packaging waste, and expired merchandise. We have even handled heavy items like furniture and appliances! Our team is very flexible, so no matter what you need them to remove, they can make it happen. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that you’re smiling at the end of your appointment.

Compare us to other junk removal companies, and you’ll quickly discover that we cost less, too! What makes our junk removal prices better than what the “other guys” are offering? Since we’re not part of a franchise, we’re not sending a large cut of our earnings to someone far away just so we can have their logo on our truck. Additionally, we use a fair, volume-based pricing system to ensure what you pay is always reasonable. What you’ll owe us depends on how much junk winds up in our truck. It’s not rocket science. It just makes sense!



With a simplified process that’s easy to digest, selective demolition is easier than ever!



Stop asking yourself “is there junk removal near me?” and Let Us Be the Method to Your Madness! When any sort of junk situation gets out of control, we want to be the first company to help you out. It doesn’t matter if your mess is at your home, your workplace, or even one of your rental properties. What matters is that you choose our junk removal services because we’re the most qualified junk hauling force in the business. We’re a family-owned, veteran-owned operation that, above all else, wants to make sure your space is clean. Return to life as regularly scheduled by letting us make your junk disappear in a flash!

It’s worth noting that, in addition to removing junk for our clients, we also provide demolition services! If you have any kind of structure that needs to be removed, then know that our team is fully insured and prepared for this sort of work. We can easily take on smaller structures like sheds and decks because we do a lot of light demolition. What’s more, you can count on us to help kick off your remodel project with our selective demolition services as well!

Our junk removal services are the way to go if you don’t want to dispose of that clutter on your own. On top of this, they’re also a great choice if you need to get rid of it as soon as possible! Why? Because we provide same-day and next-day appointment windows to those who need them! However, if you want us to be there as soon as today or tomorrow, then you’ll need to get in touch with us. How can you get started? Simple—either contact us online or call us at (936) 300-3366 Let us know about the junk you’d like us to haul away, and we’ll be there soon to pick it up!



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