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“Houston, we have a problem!” If your problem has something to do with all the
junk piling up on your property, it’s time to call Method Demo & Hauling.


In Montgomery, TX, the “Lone Star Town”, a population of about two thousand people enjoy their day-to-day lives. They go on walks, enjoy their favorite restaurants, and spend quality time with their families. However, sometimes, people get distracted from the good things in life. Sometimes, people have to spend their time cleaning up messes instead. For example, if you’re trying to get rid of junk on your property, you might be wondering what the best removal method is. Consider professional junk removal services in Montgomery, TX from Method Demo and Hauling. We’re a local business that would love to take that junk off your hands! Not only can we whisk it away, but we’re willing to do it fast. We even provide same-day and next-day appointment windows to our clients!

What sort of junk do you need us to take off your hands? We can take just about anything you throw at us. This includes household items, such as clothes, toys, old decorations, and home electronics. This also includes commercial waste, such as cubicles, office supplies, old equipment, and more! The long story short is that if it’s junk, then we’d love to haul it away for you. Just point at it, and we’ll take it off your hands. We’ll even sweep up behind ourselves so that your property can be as tidy as possible. You’ll love the peace of mind that Method Demo and Hauling provides to you!

You should also know that junk removal in Spring, TX isn’t the only thing we do. We also tackle demolition jobs, as you can see in our name. Need us to tear down a shed, deck, or fence for you? That would fall under the umbrella of our light demolition services. On the other hand, if you need us to demolish something bigger, such as a garage or even a whole house, take a look at our larger demolition services. We are fully trained and insured, so you don’t have to worry when you choose us. We’re more than qualified for the work ahead of us!


Whether you just need some standard junk removal services or something more complicated like our demolition and hot  tub removal, we want to offer you fast service at a fair price.


Let Us Be the Method to Your Madness! At Method Demo and Hauling, we believe that doing the bare minimum simply won’t cut it. We want to be a helping hand to you and our many neighbors, and we’ll always go above and beyond when you choose us. We’ll remove the junk that Montgomery’s trash collection services reject. We’ll demolish the structures that our competitors would shy away from. Above all else, we’ll always do what we can to put a smile on your face because you deserve the best we have to offer!

Another great reason to choose Method Demo and Hauling is that we’re locally owned and operated. We are a veteran-owned small business that keeps your cash in the local economy. Compare this to “big box” junk removal franchises, which send their earnings to someone in an office far, far away. It’s also worth noting that this is what helps keep our prices so low. Need cheap junk removal? Then save money on junk removal services in Montgomery, TX by choosing Method Demo and Hauling!

Now that you know everything about us, it’s time to get started. Ready to schedule an appointment? We’d love to put your project on our schedule. All you have to do is send us a service inquiry by clicking Book Now. You are also free to call us at (936) 300-3366 Either way, we want to learn more about how we can assist you. Don’t forget about our same-day and next-day availability. We would love to serve you as soon as today or tomorrow!

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